Will JT-60SA make more energy than it consumes?

JT-60SA is an experiment. It doesn't use the combination of fuel used in ITER and which will be used in future power plants. If it did the experiment would quickly become radioactive, and would need nuclear licensing. This would defeat its object, which is to be able to investigate operational options more rapidly than ITER, to help guide the experimental programme of ITER, and to look beyond for how to optimse DEMO operation.

This has other advantages, in that a large amount of nuclear heating does not have to be removed from the plant.

JT-60SA may be able to demonstrate that if the fuel were the same as in ITER, it would produce more energy than it consumes. It is the same class of machine as JET, which holds the current record, producing from fusion power 60% of the thermal power input to the plasma. However this is not a major aim of JT-60SA, since it will only use deuterium fuel.