Will the next machine after ITER?

The device following ITER must make its own electricity, and sell it to the consumer.

First, it should be able to operate with high temperature blankets coolants that raise steam, based on the development programme for tritium-breeding blankets caried out on ITER, as well as the materials development programme carried out in parallel with ITER.

Secondly, after a period of testing and proving of prototypical components, and based on lessons learnt on ITER, it should be able to reach a level of reliability in operation that a power utility company will be able to depend on for its consumers.

Thirdly, its fusion power will be about 6 times larger than ITER, while attempts will be made to keep plant power consumption figures ITER-like. This should enable the plant following ITER to generate about 1300 MW electrical, of which the consumer should see about 1000 MW of reliable electrical power.