Why are the other ITER Parties not supporting JT-60SA?

JT-60SA is supported under the Broader Approach Agreement as a result of the resolution of negotiations over the ITER construction site between Japan and Europe. The sharing of costs between them under the agreement was thought to be sufficient to cover the construction cost of JT-60SA, so the other ITER Parties did not need to become involved.

However, the project is open to the involvement of the other ITER parties, under the terms of the Broader Approach Agreement, whereby Japan and Europe can decide the extent and conditions for that involvement.

Whether the other ITER Parties will wish to become materially directly involved in the JT-60SA operation is at present unclear. Since fusion research results have up to now been published freely, and since Europe and Japan together have a large influence on the experimental programme of ITER, the other ITER Parties will in any case benefit from the experimental programme of JT-60SA.