The JT-60SA device


What is JT-60SA?

JT-60SA is a fusion experiment designed to support the operation of ITER and to investigate how best to optimise the operation of fusion power plants that are built after ITER. It is a joint international research and development project involving Japan and Europe, and is to be built in Naka, Japan using infrastructure of the existing JT-60 Upgrade experiment. SA stands for "super, advanced", since the experiment will have superconducting coils and study advanced modes of plasma operation. Further details of its experimental programme are explained in the JT-60SA Research Plan.

What is fusion?

Fusion is the energy source of the sun and the stars. On earth, fusion research is aimed at demonstrating that this energy source can be used to produce electricity in a safe and environmentally benign way, with abundant fuel resources, to meet the needs of a growing world population.

What's New

January 2018 Newsletter released

February 8, 2018
This edition reports on the arrival of the remaining ENEA superconducting magnet power supplies and the 13th toroidal field coil at the Naka site, the last French toroidal field coil, updates of large current feeder construction, design review meeting for the ENEA superconducting magnet power supplies, and the 26th International Toki Conference and 11th Asia Plasma and Fusion Association Conference. Read more

December 2017 Newsletter released

January 8, 2018
This edition reports on completion of the high temperature superconductor current lead procurement, departure of the cryostat vessel body cylindrical section to Japan, pre-assembly of the final vacuum vessel sector, positioning of the magnet controller, delivery of all quench detectors, and the visit of professionals at QST Naka site. Read more

November 2017 Newsletter released

December 4, 2017
This edition reports on successful type tests of the resistive wall mode control coil power supply prototype, progress on the cryoline installation, start of ENEA power supply installation, visit of VIPs at QST Naka site, the 13th International Symposium on Fusion Nuclear Technology, and the 21st Project Committee Meeting. Read more

October 2017 Newsletter released

November 2, 2017
This edition reports on first operation of the cryogenic system by the QST operation team, start of the cryoline installation, completion of valve boxes and their delivery to Naka, visit of VIPs at QST Naka site, the extension of divertor integrated codes for multi-impurity simulation, the 25th International Conference on Magnet Technology, and the 13th European Conference on Applied Superconductivity. Read more

September 2017 Newsletter released

October 12, 2017
This edition reports on the progress of TF coil delivery and assembly, TF coil cold test optimisation at CEA Saclay, successful completion of site acceptance test of CEA SCMPSs, remote laser welding for divertor cassette maintenance, the vacuum exhaust system modification, and the visit of NFRI members at QST Naka site. Read more

August 2017 Newsletter released

September 12, 2017
This edition reports on the completion of the manufacturing and pre-assembly of the cryostat vessel body cylindrical section, delivery of the in-cryostat feeders for lower PF coils, progress of piping and cabling work for power supplies, the 3rd design review meeting for assembly, the 28th Technical Coordination Meeting, and the Cryogenic Engineering Conference and International Cryogenic Materials Conference 2017. Read more

Pre-assembly of the cryostat vessel body cylindrical section

August 24, 2017
A movie about the "Pre-assembly of cryostat vessel body cylindrical section in CIEMAT/ASTURFEITO" is now online. See movie


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