The JT-60SA device


What is JT-60SA?

JT-60SA is a fusion experiment designed to support the operation of ITER and to investigate how best to optimise the operation of fusion power plants that are built after ITER. It is a joint international research and development project involving Japan and Europe, and is to be built in Naka, Japan using infrastructure of the existing JT-60 Upgrade experiment. SA stands for "super, advanced", since the experiment will have superconducting coils and study advanced modes of plasma operation. Further details of its experimental programme are explained in the JT-60SA Research Plan.

What is fusion?

Fusion is the energy source of the sun and the stars. On earth, fusion research is aimed at demonstrating that this energy source can be used to produce electricity in a safe and environmentally benign way, with abundant fuel resources, to meet the needs of a growing world population.

What's New

May 2017 Newsletter released

June 1, 2017
This edition reports on the visit of the King and Queen of Spain, the start of pre-assembly of the cryostat vessel body cylindrical section, progress on toroidal field coils assembly and CS module production, and the completion of the first coil terminal box. Read more

April 2017 Newsletter released

May 1, 2017
This edition reports on the successful completion of the commissioning of the switching network units for the central solenoid, the delivery status of the toroidal field coils, the evaluation of the vacuum vessel thermal shields installation, the arrival of six valve boxes and the first ENEA power supplies to the Naka site, and the 20th STP Project Committee Meeting. Read more

March 2017 Newsletter released

April 4, 2017
This edition reports on the progress of the TF coil assembly, preparation for the cryostat vessel body cylindrical section pre-assembly, successful finalisation of the Motor Generator rotating test, installation of the large current feeders in the JT-60 main building, completion of central solenoid module 2, signature of the electron cyclotron range of frequency system component procurement arrangement, and the 27th Technical Coordination Meeting. Read more

February 2017 Newsletter released

March 1, 2017
This edition reports on the arrival of the first ten high temperature superconductor current leads for the poloidal field coils and the multi-layer insulation for the bottom cryostat thermal shield at the Naka site, manufacturing of coil terminal box 1, operation training on the cryogenic system, the visit of Professors Zohm and Ono at the Naka site, and the 3rd DRM on resistive wall mode control coil power supply. Read more

January 2017 Newsletter released

February 2, 2017
This edition reports on the TF coil assembly start and its celebration, the signing ceremony of the cryogenic system ownership transfer, the second inspection of the EFCC fabrication at TESLA, the 19th BA Steering Committee Meeting, and the 1st Asian ICMC and CSSJ 50th Anniversary Conference. Read more

December 2016 Newsletter released

January 10, 2017
This edition reports on arrival of the first Italian TF coil to Japan, progress on TF coil 10, completion of vacuum vessel thermal shield assembly, visit of VIPs at QST, the 26th Technical Coordination Meeting, the 3rd Design Review Meeting for switching network units, and the 1st Design Review Meeting for ECRF system components. Read more

November 2016 Newsletter released

December 6, 2016
This edition reports on the successful completion of the commissioning and testing of the cryogenic system, delivery of the switching network units for the central solenoid, dry run of the inner intercoil structure assembly, the 19th STP Project Committee Meeting, the International Tokamak Physics Activity meeting 2016, and the 26th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference. Read more


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