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I found the content

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Beyond me
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I found the content

Very interesting
Not so interesting
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I found the content

Mostly unclear
Only clear in places
Sometimes unclear
Mostly clear
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I found the content

Usually too deep
Sometimes too deep
Sometimes too shallow
Usually too shallow
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I found the navigation bars/scheme

Very clear and easy
Relatively simple
Not very easy
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I found the graphics

Clear and informative
Sometimes too complex
Mostly too complex
Mostly uninformative
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I found the colour scheme

Very helpful
Rather old-fashioned
Not helpful
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I formed the overall impression that the web site

Is old-fashioned
Could be modernised
Could be improved
Is just right
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I think the following items should be revised  
I would like to see the following new features  
As a result of viewing the site, my opinion of fusion research is now

Much more positive
A bit more positive
A bit less positive
Much less positive
And my opinion about JT-60SA is now

Much more supportive
A bit more supportive
A bit less supportive
Much less supportive


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  Updated 29 July, 2009