Term Definition
gas puffing By releasing puffs of fuel or impurity gas from valves into the plasma chamber it is possible to fuel the outer regions of the plasma. Fuel pellets are used to fuel deeper into the plasma.
glass fibre Glass can be made in the form of fibres whic can be used to strengthen materials, make strong materials, or provide insulating properties. The material thus constructed is known as fibre-glass. Glass fibre can also be used to communicate using light due to the internal reflection of a beam of light passing lengthways along the fibre. Such fibres can be many kilometers in length.
glass-kapton An especially strong combination of glass fibres and kapton, a polyimide electrically insulating high mechanical strength film.
graphical user interface Computer interface utilising icons representing files or folders (directories) of files, drop-down or pull-down menues of commands, and requiring the user to navigate through these primarily using a pointer controlled by a mouse.
grounding A large conducting body, such as the earth, used as a return for electric currents and as an arbitrary zero of potential.
gyro-Bohm like A thermal diffusion coefficient which is smaller than Bohm diffusion.
Gyrotron A type of radiofrequency power transmission tube (valve) used to produce electromagnetic waves in the GHz range for plasma heating in the range of the plasma electron cyclotron resonance (i.e the frequency at which electrons orbit the magnetic field lines)

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  Updated 13 February, 2017