Term Definition
n plasma density
NBI neutral beam injection/injector
NbTi Flexible superconductor made of niobium titanium compound suitable for use up to 10T with helium coolant at 4.5 K.
ND(T) non-destructive (testing)
negative ion sources Sources of negative deuterium ions used in Neutral beam Injection. Hence N-NBI, P-NBI.
neoclassical tearing modes NTMs, an MHD stability caused by the formation of magnetic islands (loops of magnetic flux) near integral or rational q (safety factor) surfaces.
neoclassical transport (Nuc. Eng.) The departure from classical transport in a tokamak due to toroidal effects as predicted by theory.
neutral beam current drive NBCD, noninductive current drive using high energy neutral beam injection.
Neutral Beam Injection Neutral beam injectors on ITER use negative deuterium ions from an arc discharge between tungsten cathodes and the source body anode. These are accelerated into a gas neutraliser. Neutral particles continue on into the plasma while charged ions are deflected, collected and recycled.
neutral beams A beam of high-energy atoms used to heat a plasma. As the atoms are neutral, the beam is not affected by magnetic fields.
neutral particle beam
NPB, a concentrated, nearly unidirectional flow of neutral particles.
non-circular cross section A plasma configuration which has a higher vertical height than horizontal width.
non-inductive current drive Methods of driving a current in a tokamak other than with a transformer.
null point zero magnetic field
numerical codes Computer codes ( to distinguish them from codes of practice, such as structural design codes).

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  Updated 13 February, 2017