Term Definition
ohmic heating OH, heating resulting from the resistance a medium offers to the flow of electric current. In a plasma subjected to ohmic heating, ions are heated almost entirely by the transfer of energy from the hotter electrons.
ohmic heating system OH system, resistive heating in a tokamak by use of an induction coil.
operating margins Each parameter describing an operating system has a nominal value and a limiting one at which operation would cease or otherwise be deficient. The differences between the nominal parameter values prevailing and the limiting ones are referred to as “operating margins”
operating parameter An algebraic magnitude characterizing the plant or a component operating state,e.g., temperature (t), fusion power (P), electrical current (I) and magnetic field (B).
operating point A point in n-dimensional space, where each dimension measures the value of a key operating parameter, identified with a particular type of operation.
operating space The set of valid operating points in n-dimensional operating parameter space.
operating state When the plant or component is in operation. The plant is in operating state during the entire pulse length.
operating time The sum of pulse lengths achieved within a certain calendar time at normal and abnormal operation.
operation availability See “availability”
operational domain see “operating space”
operational limits and conditions
A set of rules establishing parameter limits, the functional capability and the performance level of its equipment and personnel for safe operation.
operational reliability The probability that a system will perform as specified when used in the manner and for the purpose intended.
outboard A region located further away from the tokamak vertical centreline than the object referred to.
overturning moment Toroidal field coil moment (in a tokamak) about the device radius from out of plane forces arising from vertical fields and from the plasma field.

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  Updated 13 February, 2017