Term Definition
q-value A magnetohydrodynamic safety factor describing the number of times field lines need to pass round the major circumference of the plasma before they close around the minor circumference;
QA quality assurance
QC quality control
QM quality management
QST National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology
quality assurance QA, all those planned and systematic actions necessary to provide assurance when a facility, structure, system or component will perform satisfactorily and safely in service. The prevention of defects.
quality control QC, all actions necessary to verify conformance to requirements, and to control nonconformities or deficiencies. Quality Control is an inspection function, the detection and control of deficiencies.
quench See quench time. Also, the procedure by which a superconducting magnet starts behaving as a normal conductor with resistive heating, usually due to a source of local heating or poor coolant flow. The magnet quench is handled by a discharge system to remove the magnetic energy as fast as is prudent.
quench time Usually, the time needed to extinguish the plasma current.

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  Updated 5 March, 2017