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TBC to be confirmed
TBD to be determined
teaching-playback procedure A procedure usually used with remote handling systems whereby operations are carried out using automatic equipment under manual control, and the actions are recorded to be carried out in future under automatic control after initial setup. Similar to the creation of a macro on a computer.
technical specifications and drawings Drawings and specifications consistent with the procurement plan and providing the necessary level of detail to support the procurement process.
TF toroidal field
TF ripple Because a discrete number of toroidal field coils are used, the toroidal field experienced towards the outboard side of the plasma fluctuates in value at a given radius from the vertical machine centreline, being higher at a given radius in the shadow of each coil than between the coils. This “ripple” in the field traps particles and provides a mechanism for power loss. Thus maintaining a low ripple is a priority, and ferromagnetic material inserts are placed in the shadow of the TF coils, as these weaken the ripple.
thermal energy Energy due to the relatively high temperature of a medium relative to its surroundings.
thermal loads Heat loads experienced by a body.
thermal plasma A plasma in which the vast majority of collisions occur due to random rather than directed impact (e.g. due to a beam of incoming particles). In this case the plasma particles adopt a Maxwellian distribution of velocities and the energy content of the plasma is thus determined by the plasma temperature.
thermo-hydraulic load The combined load from the pressure of the coolant and the heat source.
thermonuclear fusion Fusion at high temperature with a significant release of energy.
thixotropy The propery of certain gels of becoming fluid when agitated and of reverting back to a gel when left to stand.
threshold power If the power input to a fusion fuel plasma exceeds a certain level then a high enough temperature is reached that heating from fusion reactions plus the external power exceeds the power lost by radiation and conduction, and the plasma temperature continues to rise. If this threshold is not reached then the temperature does not rise despite continued external heating.
TIG welding Tungsten inert gap welding.
tokamak (toroidalnaya kamera + magnitnaya katushka), a device for containing a plasma inside a torus chamber by using a combination of two magnetic fields--one created by electric coils around the torus, the other created by intense electric current in the plasma itself.
tokamak building The main building housing the tokamak and its main peripheral equipment.
toroidal Alfvén eigenmode TAE, a branch of magnetohydrodynamic instabilities associated with Alfvén waves propagating in the toroidal direction.
toroidal direction In a ring doughnut, the direction parallel to the large circumference.
toroidal field TF, a magnetic field generated by a currrent flowing in a solenoid around a torus.
toroidal field coils
TF coils, these coils confine a plasma by creating a magnetic bottle for confinement.
toroidal magnetic field on axis The magnetic field at the centre of the small cross section of the plasma.
toroidal system Name given to the general class of "doughnut-shaped" magnetic devices in which magnetic lines of force closing in on themselves. Stellarators and tokamaks are examples.
toroidal vessel A torus-shaped chamber used to confine plasma.
torus A magnetic component (a coil or a transformer) made in the shape of an anchor ring. With this construction, most of the magnetic field is contained within the core and leakage is minimal. Thus, there is little or no interaction with adjacent components and circuits. Also toroid.
Townsend avalanche (Phys.) A cumulative ionization process in which the ions and electrons of one generation undergo collisions that produce a greater number of ions and electrons in succeeding generations.
transport The rate at which desired material is carried through any section of a processing plant, e.g. isotopes in isotope separation.
triangularity The amount of inward asymmetry in a noncircular-shaped plasma.
triple product The confinement time, density, and temperature product used to characterize the quality of confinement.
tritium The third isotope of hydrogen, containing one proton and two neutrons in the nucleus.

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