Procurement Sharing

Procurement for JT-60SA is shared by two "implementing Agencies", the National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology (QST) for Japan, and Fusion for Energy (F4E) for Europe. Procurement arrangements for each major item of procurement are concluded between these two bodies and the Project Team, with the involvement of the EU and JA Home Teams. In practice European procurement for JT-60SA is carried out through voluntary contributions from a number of countries within Euratom, as well as by Euratom itself directly through F4E.

JA Contribution
EU Contribution
Magnets CS, EF, and clamps, feeders, cryolines, instrumentation, coil terminal box, cryo valve box TF and case (F4E, F+I), test facility (F, BE), current leads (D)
Vessel All
In-vessel All
Power Supply PF Base PS, RWM PS connection and instrumentation, Rearrangement of existing supplies PF supplementary PS, TF PS, quench protection, RWM PS, Error field PS (F+I)
Thermal Shields All
Cryostat Port extensions, lid, material, vacuum pumping Shell (excl. lid), cryostat base (ES)
Cryoplant Interfaces to existing services and buildings Cold box with internal systems (F).
RH system All
Assembly All
Disassembly All
Water Cooling All
Heating Beams, including upgrading, 110 Ghz ECRF system, 2 110 GHz gyrotrons 2 110 GHz ECRF system gyrotron power supplies (F4E)
Diagnostics All
Radiation safety All