Auxiliary Plant – Control System

The supervisory control system and data acquisition system (SCSDAS) has the following functions:

  1. plant monitoring;
  2. discharge sequence management;
  3. plasma real-time control;
  4. device protection;
  5. discharge result data archive, storage, and database management.

There is a separate safety interlock system to avoid inappropriate access to the plant. This independent system is monitored by the SCSDAS.

The supervisory control and data acquisition system of JT-60U has been modified so that various kinds of advanced tokamak experiments can be performed more flexibly and efficiently. The modifications include allowing for the significantly longer discharge time, new diagnostics and control coils, and the superconducting magnets, their power supplies and cryoplant.

Top page of the JT-60SA Human Machine Interface System
JT-60SA Overall Status view shows various plant status. This status is usually displayed on the main monitor in the JT-60SA control room
SCSDAS controls discharge sequence.
Protection Interlock System realizes machine and human safety, and is part of the SCSDAS
Data from JT-60SA system is stored in various database. Users view the data using suite of data analysis software eDAS in the JT-60 Data Analysis server.